कांग्रेस के लिए हिंदी के पत्रकार कंगले

कहने को तो इंडिया और भारत एक ही देश है. लेकिन कदम – कदम पर अंतर दिखाई दे ही जाता है. यहाँ तक की दोनों की भाषा भी अलग – अलग है. इंडिया में अंग्रेजी बोली जाती है और भारत में हिंदी और इसी के हिसाब से दोनों भाषा में काम करने वाले के साथ अंतर भी किया जाता है. अब देखिए कांग्रेस के चिंतन शिविर में अंग्रेजी और हिंदी के पत्रकारों के साथ कैसे अलग – अलग तरह का बर्ताव किया गया. दोनों को अलग – अलग खेमों में बाँट दिया और उसी हिसाब से रहने की व्यवस्था भी. अंग्रेजी वाले पत्रकारों को फाइव स्टार होटल में ठहराया गया तो हिंदी वालों को गेस्ट हाउस में. इस संदर्भ में अभिमन्यू सिंह के नाम के एक पत्रकार मेल कर ये सूचना पहुंचाई है जो हमें पत्रकार आशीष कुमार अंशू के सौजन्य से प्राप्त हुआ. आप भी पढ़िए और राजनीतिक पार्टियों की मानसिकता को समझने का यत्न करें .


”Five-star for English press causes heartburn among Shivir journalists While most English language journalists are checked-in at Hotel Clarkes Amer, others are accommodated in a guest house.

the Congress party ferried around 300 journalists in three buses to Jaipur. They were told that they would be put up at the five-star Hotel Clarkes Amer. But some of them, when they reached the hotel at night, realised that they were to stay at other accommodations. This caused a lot of heartburn and subsequent pandemonium. A lady journalist was heard berating a hotel staff: “On what basis have you decided who is to stay where? The whole point was that everyone would stay together.”

The other accommodations included 1589, a guesthouse owned by Clarkes, and the nearby Hotel Lalit. However, since food and transportation arrangements were made at Clarkes, journalists were upset about the inconvenience involved.

Congress general secretary B.K. Hariprasad was harangued by grumpy journalists on the night of 17 January, while he shared the buffet dinner with them. Rajsthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot came and left after spending half-an-hour. A senior journalist with a prominent paunch was heard complaining: “How am I to share a bed with my room-mate? There is hardly any space for me.” Hariprasad could only listen and smile apologetically.

Later, some journalists were heard claiming that the correspondents from the regional press were put up at 1589 and other hotels, while Clarkes was reserved for the English press. However, this was not entirely true, as your humble correspondent was also put up at 1589; the number is apparently lucky for one the owners of the property.

Journalists were also provided food but the menu was strictly vegetarian, to the chagrin of some journalists. However, Hotel Lalit served non-vegetarian fare, according to a journalist with a Chandigarh based newspaper. This made him opt to stay there despite the protestations of his roommate from an Andhra Pradesh based publication, who wanted to shift to Clarkes, like other journalists, many of whom did that subsequently. The journalist with the Chandigarh based daily quipped, “Congress is becoming like the BJP and vice-versa. Earlier, the BJP served only vegetarian fare and no booze, but they do it now. Now the Congress is following their previous policy.”

The media centre (from where this copy was filed), functioned perfectly. Journalists could be seen with their laptops, enjoying the free Wi-Fi, while others used the nearly 40 computers provided by the party. Other facilities included fax machines, scanners and printers. At least in this department, the party scored a clean goal.”


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