Deepshikha makes an entry on SAB TV’s Balveer!


Mumbai: SAB TV’s Balveer has been garnering tremendous viewership and love across HSM markets.Adding more magic to thisfantasy based show, the viewers will soon see Deepshikha entering pari-lok as an evil Bhavanderpari!

Deepshikhahas played popular roles on Television and Bollywood and now will essay the role ofBavanderPari who is considered as the epitome of power. She possesses the power of wind which maximizes when she is out in the open. She can do almost everything from moving things to creating tornados. No power can destroy her asshe creates a shield of wind which prevents any kind of magic from going anywhere close to her.

Ecstatic about her entry on Balveer, Deepshika says,“I love fantasy based television shows and I’m really looking forward to begin shooting for Balveer. Being a part of the magical Pari-Lokis surely going to be a lot of fun. My look and attire has a lot of detailing and creativity into it. I’m really thrilled to be a part of the cast for Balveer”

Bhavanderpari is trapped in a bottle and kept in an air-tight room in Pari-lok along with other evil pari’s for ages together.The twist in the plot unfolds when some of the good pari’saccidently open the door to the room; her bottle falls to the floor and breaks. The room being an air-tight one doesn’t allow her to display her evilpowers as she needs air to activate it.After she manages to escape, she learns of Balveer’s existence and his powers and decides to fight him.

Deepshika’s entry as Bavanderpari is going to invite a lot of drama and entertainment as Balveer’s heroism is set against BawanderPari’s revenge on the show.

Tune into Balveer for all the excitement from Monday – Friday at 8 pm only on SAB TV


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