Club 60 ‘Life’ is a Member Here : Synopsis


Club 60

‘Life’ is a Member Here

A Pulse Media Production

club 60USP- A Fun-film with poignant and heart-warming moments involving some of the finest actors of Hindi cinema. Has been shot on FILM (panavision), sync sound, and features ‘real’ locations. Also has some foot-tapping and soulful music. Made by the production house known for its quality and award-winning documentaries for some of the best international channels including BBC, National geographic, Discovery, Channel10 among others.

WRITER’S NOTE on the concept of the film ‘CLUB 60’-
“This story is inspired from my personal experience and a close observation of people in the age-group of 60s whom I interacted with in a south Mumbai club when I joined it four years ago. They largely inspire the characters of this script. “
(Writer-Director : SANJAY TRIPATHY)

A glance at 62 years old Manu bhai Shah (Raghubir Yadav), and he appears peculiar in his outfit, crazy in his behavior, flamboyant in his style, loud and funny in his conversation, and overbearing in his relations! With colored hair, trimmed French beard, colorful t-shirts with slogans (inappropriate for his age), GUCCI glares and i-pod plug-ins; when this 60 year old enters the tennis ground of the club he shouts in his inimitable style of gujrati mixed marathi accent..”public..audience (sounding as odience)”. He moves around in a red colored open jeep and thrives on friends. He lives life unapologetically. He and his gang which includes Dhillon (sharat saxena), Mansukhani (satish shah), Zafar (tinu anand) and Sinha (Vineet Kumar) are a group of irrepressible ‘five’ whose lives revolves around a tennis court in a club called CLUB 60. They can drive anyone crazy by their antics. Bordering around sixty years of age; they play, fight, abuse, bitch and can even put youngsters, half their age, to shame when they talk of wine, women and sex.
Story of club 60 unfolds when Dr Tareek sheikh (Farookh sheikh), a neuro surgeon, suffering from acute depression after the death of his only son, shifts to Mumbai from Pune with his wife Dr sayara (Sarika). A chance encounter of suave Dr sheikh with the flamboyant, talkative, funny and overbearing Manu bhai, who stays in the same building, snowballs into Dr Sheik’s forced and reluctant entry into the club 60’s gang of five. But is Manu bhai and his gang just a chunk of some well-to-do crazy and fun-loving 60 years ‘young’ or is there something more to them under their colorful and playful facade? We explore it along with Dr sheikh as slowly and steadily his reluctant participation in Manu bhai’s ‘gang of five’, makes him fall in love with ‘life’ again.

Farookh Sheikh, Sarika, Raghubir Yadav, Satish Sha, Tinu Anand, Sharat Saxena, Vineet kumar, Suhasini Mulay, Zareena Wahab, Himani Shivpuri, Viju Khote, Harsh Chaya, Mona wasu.

Produced by- Pulse Media Pvt Ltd ( (the production house has more than 10 years of experience in doing quality film and TV productions and is known for its award winning documentary films and TV series which includes- ‘Womb of the world’ for National geographic channel, Popular science magazine ‘Turning Point’ for DD, ‘Wedding Business’ for BBC World, ‘healing Touch’ and ‘Revealed: Golden Temple’for Discovery. Produced Popular and critically acclaimed TV show ‘Antarpat’ for STAR network, and HUM for DD.)
Producer- Kavee Kumar
Writer-Director- Sanjay Tripathy (A debutant hindi film Director but an award winning documentary film-maker and founder of Pulse media)
Executive Producer- Dr. Vineet Yadav
Dir of Photography (DOP)- Shyam Jha (First film as Independent DOP, but worked as second unit DOP for last 10 years in many hindi Films)
Sound (Synch)- Vijay Bhope (An old Hand and award-winner in Sound recording and designing. Is an FTII paas out was the first to do sync sound in Hindi cinema in shyam benegal’s film ‘Mandi’)
Editor- Arunabho Mukherjee (An FTII graduate in editing has 15 years of experience in editing feature films)
Music– Pranit Gedham
Singers– Raghubir yadav (sung Mahngai Dayan khaye jaat peepli Live), Nandini srikar (sung Dil mera Muft ka.. Agent Vinod), Arijit (sung in Barfi), Raju Singh


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