सागरिका घोष का मुख़्तार परिवार का महिमामंडन वाला लेख पढ़ लीजिए


हर्ष वर्धन त्रिपाठी-

ये एक दिन में नहीं हुआ है। और ये स्थापित करने में सबसे बड़ी भूमिका बड़का टाइप के सरोकारी साबित पत्रकार, लेखकों ने निभाई है। ताज़ा सागरिका घोष का मुख़्तार परिवार का महिमामंडन वाला लेख पढ़ लीजिए या किसी हरिशंकर तिवारी, रघुराज प्रताप सिंह जैसों के बारे में दिल्ली लखनऊ से इन आरोपी अपराधियों के इलाक़े में गए पत्रकारों की रिपोर्टिंग पढ़िए। सब राबिनहुड छवि बनाने का ठेका लिए दिखते हैं। इन बड़का पत्रकारों ने समाज में अपराधियों को मान्यता दिलाने में अथक परिश्रम किया है। और दोष ये स्टूडियो में बैठकर समाज को देते हैं, अपनी जातियों के अपराधी छवि वाले नेताओं को मत देने का। इन पत्रकारों की रिपोर्ट ध्वस्त कीजिए। अपने इलाक़े के किसी हरिशंकर तिवारी, अमनमणि त्रिपाठी, रघुराज प्रताप सिंह, मुख़्तार अंसारियों को, उनके नाम पर किसी को वोट मत दीजिए।

सागरिका घोष का Times Of India में प्रकाशित लेख :

Mayawati bets on ‘generous’ don’s family to net seat haul for BSP

YUSUFPUR-MOHAMMADABAD: The elephant may be less visible in several parts of Uttar Pradesh in this election, but there is one corner of eastern Uttar Pradesh where the Bahujan Samaj Party is betting big. Alleged mafia don Mukhtar Ansari may be lodged in Lucknow jail but this time he and his family-the famous Ansari clan of Purvanchal- are contesting the assembly polls on BSP tickets. And they’re fighting with spirit and gusto.

Not only is Mukhtar himself contesting from Mau, but his eldest brother Sibghatullah Ansari is fighting from Mohammadabad and son Abbas Ansari, former shooting champion is contesting from Ghosi. “We Ansaris have never played Muslim politics,” says former MP and MLA Afzal Ansari, Mukhtar’s second brother, “we are a family of nationalists and patriots. I agree Mukhtar is no Shankaracharya. But they call Mukhtar a criminal and a don because he speaks for the rights of the poor against feudal and vested interests.”

The Ansaris, says Afzal, draw their inspiration from the communist leader Sarjoo Pandey who was MP from Ghazipur in the 60s. “We don’t stand for Muslim appeasement, I am not a leader of any qaum. We speak for secular politics and the rights of landless labour and unionized workers,” Afzal points out, saying his thinking is more socialist than “Muslim.”

The massive Ansari establishment in Yusufpur is a set of large rambling bungalows, set amidst lush gardens. Crowds pour in, motorbikes, jeeps and SUVs rumble and throb in the driveway. In a shamiana to the side, breakfast of missi roti and chole is served to dozens of constituents and party workers in BSP blue caps. “The Ansaris are benefactors for this entire area,” says Anil Rai, a local businessman and Bhumihar leader, “Hindus and Muslims flock to them and are given help and assistance. You can judge their popularity from the way they win elections.”

Mukhtar’s two older brothers Afzal and Sibghatullah are, like Mukhtar, both well over six feet tall, hearty, mustachioed, strapping and paternal figures striding among the bustle. Sibghatullah sports a snowy white beard and a head scarf. Second generation Ansaris Suhaib and Salman also rush about, taking care of campaign details.

While Mukhtar has won from Mau a record four times, Afzal is a former MP from Ghazipur and MLA, and Sibghatullah is former MLA from Mohammadabad. The front room of their family home is crowded with portraits of illustrious Ansaris. Apart from Vice President Hamid Ansari their cousin, their grandfather, Dr. M. A Ansari was president of the Indian National Congress and their grand uncle was Brigadier Usman Ansari who was killed in action against Pakistan in 1948. “Our rivals fear us,” says Sibghatullah, speaking in the Bhojpuri Hindi of the area, “they fear Mukhtar because he is regarded as a messiah by the youth. He has not been yet convicted by any court.”

But do the Ansaris feel abandoned by the Samajwadi Party, whose loyalists they once were and have they come to the BSP only because they did not get space in the SP? “I was once inspired by Mulayam Singh Yadav,” says Afzal, a former MP of the SP. “But Akhilesh is no Mulayam. He practices disco rajneeti and is disconnected with ground realities.” Concurs Sibghatullah, “We had merged with SP once. But Akhilesh is worried about his image and distanced himself from us. SP toh netaji ki kamai hai, it’s a gift he has given to his son.”

Starting out as communists, then joining the Samajwadi Party then forming the Muslim Qaumi Ekta Front, do the Ansaris feel politics has no space for the secular Muslim politician and they are forced into playing minority politics? “There is space for a non-religious Muslim politician,” insists Afzal. “Our track record proves it. In Yusufpur-Mohammadabad there are only 8 per cent Muslims. Most of our constituents are Hindu. But we still win.”

Says Kanti Prasad Rai, a Bhumihaar and a local businessman, one of the founders of the Samajwadi Party, now in the BSP: “People in UP are hypnotized by caste and religion and big leaders are keeping them hypnotized. Those who fight for real issues are called mafia because they threaten the system. Mukhtar is a hero for us.” Rai says Hindus of Yusufpur vote for the Ansaris because they are accessible and generous. “This is a krantikaari area, an area where communists were strong. We all want to fight communalism, not against each other.” Adds Suhaib Ansari, Sibghatullah’s son, “I feel proud to belong to my family. The media gives us all sorts of names, but when we go to the villages and see the peoples’ response, I can see how much my family means to them.”

Sibghataullah says the real issues facing UP are unemployment and education. He points out that opium factories in Ghazipur have created a drug mafia and thousands of unemployed youth are becoming drug addicts. There is no government college here due to “bhed bhav”. “The SP took this area for granted which is why there are no factories here,” he says.

“There are two types of Hindus,” says Afzal. “Lootera Hindus and Kaamera Hindus. Those Hindus who loot and those who work, kaam karne wale. I am always on the side of those who work. That’s why the others scream that I am mafia.” Ashutosh Rai, 26 is a IT expert in Yusufpur. What does he think of Mukhtar Ansari? “Mukhtar is a godfather for many of us,” says Rai. “he’s the kind of man who reaches into his pockets and gives people whatever he has.” The Ansari brothers will not only win their seats,” predicts Badri Narayan Tiwari professor at Allahabad University, “they will also manage at least 10-12 seats in the Ghazipur Ballia region for the BSP. That’s how influential they are.”

After several rounds of tea, its now time for the Ansaris to hit the campaign trail. The two tall brothers bound off towards their waiting jeeps, even as their aides scamper to climb on. As he leaves Afzal points out that even after the Babri Masjid demolition there were no riots in their constituencies. “Come and play Holi with us in Yusufpur,” says Afzal, “you’ll see how Hindus and Muslims can still celebrate together.”


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