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  1. Agyat

    Dear dubey ji
    Actualy Namo knows u all are paid medias. To increase ur TRP u all intend to cover Modi’s every step and to twist the reality that Modi knows so no arrangement was there for u people. shri shivraj singh /BJP rally organizers didnt invited u u were there your own so you might have arrannged for yourself Why they should have organised.
    Mirchi lagi na?
    Now about Aaj Tak yes Deepak Chaurasia is a real Amitabh of Media World not like you he is an Indian and a honest News channel not like u the congi channel. Aaj Tak was the only channel who did the sting operation in Muzaffar Nagar to bring the truth before world. what u did. U say Jagaran has made the journlismajoke whats about? Before commenting anything against any one first better “Peep Within ” then comment ? Now a days it has been very dificult to trust media channels. coz almost all are paid. neway please honest and then comment . Think +ve. In your opinion every news paper/ media channel is doing nothing except you? what u know about Manu Smriti shame on u on your pseudo secular thinking. As per you Bharat should be a Islamistan and all Hindus should be either converted or killed ans turn Bharat as Islamistan. Ishwar apaki ichha poori kare. ye hamari apako shubhkamna hai.

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